The Fund

The Austin Housing Conservancy is a private equity open end fund that will invest equity from high net worth individuals, foundations, banks, and institutional investors primarily in existing multifamily communities targeted at workforce individuals and families. The Austin Housing Conservancy fund will limit rent rate increases to Austin area wage growth, thus “bending the cost curve.”


The Fund will:


  • Target multifamily housing serving individuals and families earning between 60% – 120% of median income and preserve them as affordable
  • Invest in geographically diverse locations with access to transit, good schools, green food choices, and health care
  • Provide stable housing to individuals and families to allow them to achieve improved health, educational achievement and lower stress and obesity rates


Learn more about the Fund and investment eligibility.


Our goal is to significantly impact the 48,000 unit supply gap of housing affordable to Austin’s working and creative class, while providing economic, environmental, social returns.