Investing in Affordability

Affordable Central Texas

Affordable Central Texas (ACT) is a 501(c)(3) not for profit dedicated to providing solutions to affordability issues across greater Austin. ACT was formed in 2016 by a dedicated group of Austin professionals who volunteered their time to establish the organization and launch its first investment fund, the Austin Housing Conservancy. The staff and board of directors of ACT are comprised of nationally recognized leaders in real estate and in affordable housing. More information can be found on the About Us tab.

Keeping Austin a Place Everyone Can Call Home

The Austin Housing Conservancy (the “Fund”) will invest in multifamily communities and preserve them as affordable for Austin’s workforce – the people who make Austin interesting and a place that we love. Housing for teachers, musicians, creatives, nurses and others is tough to find in greater Austin and no programs currently exist to meet their housing needs since their earnings exceed levels for rental assistance and other affordable housing programs.